Born 05/01/2018
Colour black/white
ED FCI L 0 R 0
SD FCI L 0 R 0
CEA / PRA cataract free as pup 2018
CEA DNA carrier tested
GG DNA carrier tested
CL DNA normal tested
TNS DNA clear tested
MDR1 DNA normal tested
IGS DNA carrier tested
MH DNA normal tested
DM DNA normal tested
RS DNA normal tested
HUU DNA nomal tested
SN DNA normal tested
Gonioscopy Glaucoma not Affected
DNA profiled 2018
Carrier of colour brown/white and possibly blue/white

Reeva leeft bij Christophe en Sofie in co ownership

Stephan en Sara
Peutie - België
0032(0)486/89 43 93

Van 't Rublisiehof...

wij fokken uw Border Collie met PASSIE!!!